Classroom visits (Maui County)

Maui County Teachers! We need to test some new activities. We’ve developed fun games, lab activities, experiments, and multi-media projects and we need students to try them out for us. Contact us at 573-6472 to schedule a classroom visit.

Raindrops: Are they all the same size?

wet naupaka kuahiwi starr-091120-1435

Now that rainy season is here in Hawai’i, it’s time to teach your students about the watershed! In this fun, simple lab, students use squirt bottles and trays of flour to replicate how raindrop size affects forest health. Raindrops and Watersheds: Size Matters.

Follow that lab up with Unit 1 in the Rain Forest Module. The unit includes several lessons and a lab investigating the relationship between rainfall, intact rain forest, and human water supply. Why is the Rain Forest Wet?

Have fun and stay dry (or not)!