a process by which regurgitated food is passed among members of an ant colony (A4)

Tramp species

any species (such as an ant) that is well-adapted to living in close association with humans and easily dispersed around the world as humans ship goods and travel from one place to another (A4, C4)

Trade wind inversion

an atmospheric phenomenon caused by the interaction between the Hadley Cell phenomenon and the trade winds which creates a level at which the air on top is warmer than the air beneath (A2)

Trade wind

a wind blowing almost constantly in one direction; in Hawai’i, the trade winds blow from the northeast toward the equator (A2)


having fleshy tissues designed to conserve moisture (A3, C2)


volcanic ejecta that is partly liquid when it strikes the ground, flattening out or splashing when it hits (A1)

Relative time scale

as in the geologic time scale, one that expresses age or length in relationship to other periods of time or geologic formations (A1)