a long, often massive and crestless wave or succession of waves generated by weather events such as storms, and often continuing beyond or after the initial cause (M1)

Sustainable yield

using resources in a way that can be maintained over time; taking animals at a time and in a way that enables their populations to maintain themselves over time (M5)


in statistics, refers to differences that are unlikely to occur based on chance alone (M5)


the process of forming or depositing sediment, often caused by soil being eroded and washed into the ocean (C4, M4)

Secondary consumers

carnivores; animals that eat primary consumers and comprise the third trophic level in marine food webs (M2)

Reference course

an ideal course based on average wind and current conditions, charted before beginning a voyage in a traditional Hawaiian canoe or another vessels (M1)

Primary consumers

herbivores; animals that eat algae and comprise the second trophic level in marine food webs (M2)