Inversion layer

a barrier to clouds formed by a mass of warm air overlying a mass of cooler air (R1)

Ground water recharge

water that filters into the soil from the surface, percolating until it reaches the underground reservoirs and flow-ways called aquifers (R1)

Ground water

water that flows through naturally porous or fractured rocks and soils beneath the surface of the land; also, water trapped between dikes (vertical, underground sheets of volcanic rock) or floating on seawater within rocks (C3, R1)

Fog drip

condensation from clouds or fog that accumulates on the surfaces of plants and the ground (R1)


water evaporated from soil and water surfaces and water evaporated as plants transpire (R1)

Dew point

the temperature at which water vapor in the air begins to condense (R1)

Cloud forest

an area which receives moisture directly from clouds as they hug the side of the mountain and condense on the foliage, as well as from rainfall (R1)


underground source of water, an underground reservoir or flow-way (R1)