Multi-disciplinary science lessons rooted in Hawai’i

The natural environment of Hawai’i is like no other in the world. Populated with live volcanoes, wondrous marine life, and a fascinating array of endemic plants and animals, the Islands are a ready-made laboratory.

The Hō’ike o Haleakalā curriculum is designed to engage students in the study of the native Hawaiian ecosystems.

Each lesson, game, and group activity relates to State of Hawai’i science standards. Lessons can be taught singly or together, as an entire semester-long course.

Hō’ike o Haleakalā is divided into five modules. Four cover discrete ecosystems on Haleakalā, the tallest mountain on the island of Maui, Hawai’i. The fifth module covers invasive species, which affect all ecosystems.

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